Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Song About a Lady Reading!

I was in my office trying to do anything useful, when my neighbor Ibrahim came in and he said he wanted to show me something. He gave me the name of the song (posted below) and for a moment I was like: Perfect! One more "modern" track with endless 4 minutes (There is nothing that I can do about this! I have a grandma's musical taste, and I get drowsy when I listen to new stuff)

But when the song started it drew my attention (BIG achievement).

It describes a man observing a woman reading a book in a coffee house. He was not observing how "she looked" as she read but rather described what he thought "she felt" as she read, and that -ladies and gentlemen- is a first!

Lately I have been irritated by the lame glorification of "intellectual women''. Too many Facebook posts of women who are "suffering" because they have a lot of books that they have not read yet (time management issues if you ask me) and posts about women who just can't stop themselves from "buying more books" although they should not (again, if you ask me: women taking their shopping disorders from shoes to books. Self-control issues).

 But the most appalling of all are the posts with pictures or paintings of girls with glasses who are "engrossed'' (Engrossed?! Is that even a word? sounds like the feeling you get when you do something Gross) in reading a book, with a caption of some horny guy glorifying girls who read, and the same girls (who think that their pathetic reading routine is actually READING) showering him with likes and comments without realizing at all that "the girl with glasses who is engrossed in reading" is a common porn movie plot (Hahah! Did I just say plot? there's no plot, the girl sees the man virility and she throws the book away, this is as complicated as the plot gets).

And you know? I don't want to go all "perfect" on anyone, if a guy and a girl want to play the game of attraction based on his "interest in her intellectualism" so be it, who am I to judge. But what is more disgusting (and yes, the term is "disgust'') when girls present themselves as intellectuals to land boyfriends, and therefore potential husbands.

 Remember when girls used to wear extra make up and extra high heels to draw a man's attention? Well, those girls were at least honest with themselves, they knew what they wanted and they went out there and got it. But what is the deal with girls now who want to have their "5 minutes of leading the public opinion" before landing a guy and dwelling in his laundry room for the rest of their lives?

Why does this annoy me? It is because reading is a phase, and their next phase is: "Writing" and that is just offending to everyone who is still sane. It's a public service to nip their intellectual longings in the bud.

God I got carried away ... 
Back to the song: We need this song, and many other similar songs, where a woman is observed while she is actually reading, and not meanwhile she's orchestrating the scene of her reading longing that some man might observe her, invite her for something or even mention her in a novel or a poem. 

Observe this painting. 

I accidentally found it on the jungle of the internet, read more about it here
The article mentioned an interesting term "Urban alienation". 
I don't know, maybe it is just me, but this is what reading is supposed to do to a person. Reading alienates you, it does not put you in the spot light. If it does, the lights will flash your eyes and you will find yourself participating in the constant parade of  "pseudo-intellectuals'' that is roaming the worlds corners for a while now. 

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Haitham Jafar said...

*crawling back to his grandma corner* it is safe and cozy there :)

I still do not dig these thingies. :P

aaah; the reading-writing tangled sweet dilemma! :)