Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Best Friends Ever

Today, I was simply ridiculously happy.

Nawaf, Ali and I went to have breakfast at Doa'as place. The idea was there for relatively a long time, but as I was not in the country those last two months, the breakfast was postponed various times, and I had the old feeling of worry when two groups of my friends do merge.

I don't know... I am so talkative and I can always come up with "something to talk about" but still I always worry before such gatherings.

But I could not imagine how good it was, and let me put aside the great food, and the great Najeeb Mahfouz movie that we watched on Rotana Zaman, and just focus on the two gifts that Nawaf and Ali brought.

They got her a somehow purple frog and the zoo animal's plastic figurines!! She was thrilled about the gifts (well, thrilled is not exactly the word that goes with Doa'a but let say she was excited) and I just sat there and wondered: How on God's name, does people in their twenties get the idea of bringing such a gift?!

When I was younger I made some kind of a promise to myself that I will not become an "adult", that I'll never be boring, repetitive, predictable or mature in the negative sense of the word. And for a long time I thought that I kept the promise, but it was until I became good friends with Ali (above all Ali) when I realized that I grew some how old and lazy.

What does it take to come up with a silly yet innovative gift, and to actually go and get it and present it solemnly and have a good laugh about it?

The best friends ever are the ones who never let you feel old, act old or think old, and this is why I believe that I have the world's best friends. 

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