Thursday, January 16, 2014

Parts Of One's Story That Shouldn't Be Forgotten

The main use of my blog for me is to remember what I was doing in past moments of my life.
Today I was thinking that I am always keeping track of the good days, good ideas, good books and good experiences.
But then, I stopped to wonder; it isn't the good experiences that make me who I am. They are rather the gloomy moments and the hardships that form the person who I am.
Ever since I was very young I had this pact with myself that I will not keep a record of the down moments,  so they may not get to me when I reread them.
But as I am getting older I started rethinking this strategy. I always go back to my diaries and my blog to remember how I exactly perceived things when they first happened. 
When I don't mention hardships I deprive myself the possibility to look at them later, when I am at least one day older and a tiny bit wiser.
So this picture is for the future me. Just to remember that at the tenth day of the new year I was alone in the farm room looking at the ceiling patterns and enduring the biggest pain of my life.  But guess what, dear me, I survived!

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Haitham Jafar said...

2 crucial sides of the "life" coin :)

u can`t make sense of yrself by looking back to positive / happy memories alone! (& u know that but implementing + acting upon that knowledge is hard"ish" :), maybe 1 of the reasons u blogged this post?)

when u don`t write it down, it`s effect does not go away (dare I say does not even lessen!)

** selectivity is never the best path (here, in this context at least) it might ork for a short-term but won`t endure

* thanks 4 blogging this! I`m collecting "cues" & "signals" to decide a bloggery decision for myself too, and a good piece of the puzzle is .. evident now! :)