Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Putting My Own Mind on Flight Mode: Singing in the Citadel

Today I was mad. I am never mad, you know: being mad requires effort and I would never waste effort on anything. But last week I was finally excited about a journalistic topic. Maybe it was the very first time in which I feel that I cant wait to get back to the place and start filming and editing to come out with the best reportage ever.

But my professor simply discarded the topic without even giving me an explanation. I have my own explanation and it is driving my crazy. And I guess crazy is somewhere beyond Mad!

So, as it is Tuesday and I have no classes I decided to give myself a break and stop thinking about everything. I can be terribly firm when it comes to putting my mind on ''Flight Mode''. I simply turn it off and worry about simpler things.

I left home a bit late, and I went to Jordan University Hospital's park. I sat there until Doaa came and we went together to Amman's Citadel.

We sat on the highest point we could find. We could see the entire site and the rest of the city. The weather was a bit cloudy so we could sit there with our eyes wide open , still we had to bare a cold breeze that blew every once in a while.

Later we had a walk till the dome. I dont know the least bit of information about the site, but for some reason I believe that the dome was constructed by the Omayyad. Anyhow , as we were inside we found a side hall. Inside there was a bench and a small window just a bit under the far ceiling.

I started singing a hymn and I felt as if I was floating on top of the echo of that hall. As I sang a bird came through the little window, it did not look real, it was as light as a thought. I saved the moment in this video: 

When I went home I went back the work track and I was Happy about it. Maybe this whole thing functions like a Restart Button of the Soul?



Aseel said...

Loved the track!

I know i've said this many times but i just want to say it again: I love your writings.. you have a passionate soul mashaAllah.. keep it up :)

نيسآان said...

that was nice to hear :)
i like your photos and now i love your voice...you are talented...
go on girl.

Haitham Jafar said...

Well, I have no words -I guess- but glad that this was the last post -for a while at least!- I read for u, u have a good, very good voice -minus the choice of a fairouz song :P-

* Too many - - in this comment!

Gonna miss reading this blog!

EvaLuna said...

I was browsing the comments in a different browser and there was an option to reply for each comment separately.

Anyhow, Aseel thanks for the nice words, I wish I can read your blog as well but your profile is not available ,,, come oooon efta7i el blog la 3ammet esha3b :p

Nisan Enshalla next time I will record with an actual Tas/CAM recorder so the recording would have a better quality ,,, then we can all like it :p

Haitham , Walla that was a confusing comment with all the dashes but what can I do, I just like it when you comment ,,, When you said: the last post I was like ''why?! are they gonna shut down this blog?'' and then I remembered it was mine heheheheh ,,,, I actually posted two more entries andI have a lot of drafts , ed3ili that the free time would coincide with the inspiration.

Usually this blog has very few comments so the act of ''replying to the comments'' is pretty new to me, hope I was not too awkward :p

Haitham Jafar said...

Not awkward at all :, not to me at least.

I wish u all the bloggerY luck in the WWW world. :)

* release the drafts, set`m free! :D

Aseel said...

Obbaaa! i didnt know it was unavailable :s but i fixed it thanks for telling me about it :)

I am not as talented as you.. It would be an honor to have you there :)